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Gobija Contracted with German Company for Optical Lamp Lens Project
SOURCE:    |    AUTHOR:    |    TIME:2018-07-16

Hubei Gobija Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the cooperation of optical vehicle lamp lens project with Fuller Company and Meike Company of Germany. This is a major achievement of opening up, technological innovation and promoting high-quality economic development in Zigui County. It is also a major achievement of cooperation between Gobija Company and foreign companies in technology and equipment import projects, extending the chain of industrial development, and realizing transformation and upgrading. As an important milestone, Gobija will cooperate with German companies in related technical fields to build four new production lines of car lamp lens with an annual output of 20 million pieces.

The signing ceremony was presided over by Yang Yong, Deputy Secretary of the Zigui County Party Committee and county governor. In his speech, Wang Yinghua, vice mayor of Yichang City, said that the cooperation between Gobija Company and Fuller Company, Meike Company and IPT Research Institute in technology and equipment import project is an important means to base itself on the domestic market, extend the industrial chain and move from the middle and low end of the industry to the middle and high end. It is hoped that the government of Zigui County and the relevant departments of Yichang City will vigorously support the construction of the project, provide high-quality services, create a good environment for the construction of the project, and promote the early completion and effectiveness of the project. At the same time, it is hoped that Bijia will cooperate sincerely and pragmatically with Fuller Company and Meike Company of Germany to contribute to the transformation and development of Yichang's economy.

In his speech, Lu Hui, Secretary of the county Party committee, said that the optical vehicle lamp lens project of Gobija Company has advanced technology, broad market prospects, conforms to the orientation of national industrial policy and the ecological function area of Zigui, conforms to the vision of enterprises and local development, and will help Gobija achieve a new leap in extending the industrial chain, and will speed up the conversion of new and old kinetic energy for Zigui. Strong impetus is injected into the construction of modern industrial system. The county Party committee and county government will always uphold the concept of "win-win cooperation". With the aim of "thinking for investors, helping investors to make profits and promoting investors' success", we will strive to create a project environment with the least links, the lowest cost, the most efficient mechanism, the highest efficiency and the best service, and with a more open attitude and practical measures to promote the economic integration of the Yangtze River economic belt and the "one belt and one road". Do. It is hoped that Gobija will firmly develop its confidence, intensify its preparatory work in accordance with the project cooperation agreement, start construction as soon as possible, and strive for its early completion and commissioning.

At the signing ceremony, Fuller, general manager of Fuller, Germany, and Singer, global sales and technology director of Meiko, Germany, signed the Cooperation Agreement on Precision Molding of Optical Lamp Lens and the Cooperation Agreement on Platinum System of Optical Lamp Lens with Yu Guoqiang, general manager of Gobija, respectively.

It is understood that the optical vehicle lamp lens project is an innovative project initiated by Gobija three years ago. With the core technology of independent intellectual property rights, "large tonnage cold-top melting furnace" and "precision pressing technology" of Germany, Gobija has innovatively set up a production line. Compared with the existing domestic traditional lens technology, the production line has obvious technical advantages, stable process, excellent quality and strong competitiveness. After the implementation of the project, the company will invest in R&D in an all-round way, and apply the technology to various precision instruments, lighting devices and many other fields. Gobija intends to invest 1.214 billion yuan, and plans to build four production lines with an annual output of 20 million pieces in three phases.